Gekko’s Tulipomania


 This is the greatest bubble story of all time… they call it the Tulip Mania.

 - Gordon Gekko


You have enjoyed the movie, now you can own that painting.  Be the envy of your friends and be one of the first to own this very special piece of art.


This Tulipomania is a high quality hand painted and wooden framed painting.  This is a re-make of the painting from watching the movie.  Measuring approximately 100cm x 90cm, this is a good sized painting for your home.  I have seen the movie, and like yourself, want to own a copy.  I have spent weeks trying to get the details correct, and this is a very close re-production.



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Deluxe Framed Tulipomania (~100cm x 90cm)


$US 799 + 200

35 days Worldwide Shipping
Please provide your phone number after or during checkout.



This is a very close re-production of the real Tulipomania, it is a two-layered cardboard with hand painted artwork.  Tulipomania plaque is made out of metal. Shipped via DHL (or equiv.) and heavy protective packaging. Click to view


Delivered in around 35 days

Excludes taxes and customs charges



Basic Unframed Tulipomania (~80cm x 70cm) Click to view


$US 125 +

15 days Worldwide Shipping
(ship weight 500 grams)


$US 125 +
$50 Express 8 working days Shipping
Please provide phone number on checkout for express post



This is a print version of Tulipomania painting, printed on cotton which is waterproof and colour will not fade for 10 years. Colour may vary from the photo, Tulipomania plaque is also printed.

Same shipping charge for up to 10 prints.



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